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Pitty & Engranagem Sao Paulo

Concert tickets Pitty & Engranagem Sao Paulo

Espaço Leste
São Paulo
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«Pitty & Engranagem Sao Paulo»

Saturday Sa-10:00pm
Mar, 2021
Mar 27 Sa-10:00pm
10:00 PM
Avenida Aricanduva, 12.200, 03930-110 São Paulo


Pitty & Engranagem Sao Paulo tickets are synonymous with emotion; as much emotion as the one you breathe at Pitty's concerts. This time the appointment will be in Espacao Leste and you can not miss it. All Pitty fans have come together under the stage to get the mood to it. Just a mouse click separates you from Pitty & Engranagem Sao Paulo entries on StubHub. Break that distance and with it the barriers to enjoy Pitty's concerts by reserving a place in Espacao Leste. Don't miss this opportunity!